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Do You Need Your Wheel Alignment Checked?

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Three main Signs of incorrect Wheel Alignment are the following..

Warning Sign 1 - Car drifts to one side even when holding steering wheel straight?


Have you ever noticed when your driving on a straight road with the wheel straight, yet the car drifts to one side?

Well there is a high chance your alignment may be out.

Incorrect alignment will “scrub” your tyres and could reduce their life by up to 50% costing you a lot more money in the long run.

Warning Sign  2 - Vibration in the steering Wheel 

Is there a vibration in the steering wheel when your driving along?

Well this is another sign your alignment could be out. It can happen from hitting a pot hole, banging a kerb slightly at low speed when parking or it some cases just wear over time.

Warning Sign 3  - Un-even car tyre Wear


If your tyres are wearing un evenly from one side to the other, or front to rear this is another classic sign of alignment being out.

Save yourself now instead of paying for it in the long run.

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Click Our Phone Number To Call: 028 9446 2502